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Halls Greenhouses

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Halls Greenhouses have existed since 1936, and to this very day provide quality garden greenhouses that are both strong and good looking, without costing a fortune. We in the UK have always been keen gardeners and with our unpredictable weather a garden greenhouse is a must, a long lasting Halls greenhouse will extend your season and enable you to grow so much more than would otherwise be possible.

A greenhouse installers view and tips... Adrian's opinion

When choosing your greenhouse you need to think carefully about a few things, where are you thinking of putting it? will you be able to maintain it where it is? does it fit? will it look nice? is the greenhouse big enough? will i be able to get to it when its pouring with rain? and many more little practical things that may influence which Halls greenhouse you pick.

My main considerations would be
Size?   choose the area in your garden that you would like your greenhouse and actually go out and measure it... don't guess, a good idea is to put some stakes/flags in the four corners to get an idea of area.

Base?   This has to be level, not "looks level to me" but actually level, how easy will the site be to achieve this? I have put all Halls greenhouses up on earth without any problem, the manufacturers base makes this easy. Paving slabs laid onto sharp sand make an excellent base, water can drain away easily, make sure you have built it big enough though, you want the base to sit towards the middle of the slabs so for a 6x8 greenhouse you would need a 8x10 base. I like to make a wooden shuttering (treated timber) this holds it all together nicely, with a weed resistant membrane laid inside. Patio and concrete are all good options too.

Glass?  Halls garden greenhouses come as standard with horticultural glass, toughened safety glass is an option, and polycarbonate is available on some models. I like glass greenhouses, they add weight to the building and are clear so look much better, if children or pets are going to be in the area then go for toughened glass, polycarbonate greenhouses are becoming more popular and are the ultimate in safety, with good heat retention properties and virtually unbreakable they do have some advantages over a glass greenhouse, i advise not to put a polycarbonate greenhouse in an exposed area and to anchor down very well.

Model? Halls make a large selection of garden greenhouses, here is my quick guide, with genuine installation times from someone who does this day in and day out.

Halls Popular Greenhouse
Great starter greenhouse, well made and easy to put up, everything fits together so well, a 6x8 takes me about 5-6 steady hours to install.

Halls Supreme Greenhouse
Looks great, again well made with everything fitting nicely, takes a little longer to glaze than the popular because of the acrylic curves, i allow 6 hours on my own for a 6x8 greenhouse, the 8ft wides will take me a very long day on my own, with Wayne i would allow 6-7 hours for the big ones.

Halls Universal Greenhouse
I like this greenhouse for the money, lots of growing area this is essentially a Magnum with less eaves height, one door and and less windows, i allow a long day to put up one of these.

Halls Magnum Greenhouse
Fantastic greenhouse, the Magnum has lots of features, big double doors plenty of windows and head height, comes with loads of bracing which strengthens the frame and also pulls it all square to help with glazing. On my own i would allow a very long day, about 6 hours with Wayne.

It is worth noting that i have learnt lots of tricks over the years and have no problems erecting these quality greenhouses on my own, but i strongly recommend that you have a helper available. All Halls garden greenhouses are well thought out and putting your own greenhouse up is easily achieved and very rewarding.

Ventilation and staging
Basically the more vents/louvres the better, you can't have too much air movement, a Halls autovent saves lots of time up and down the garden. Do you need any benches for your pots and seeds?

I often get asked why i sell Halls greenhouses, my answer is simply because they are the best value for money "proper" greenhouse available. Yes you can get almost conservatory quality greenhouses, and if you have the funds these are great greenhouses but i sometimes gulp when i see the prices, on the flip side there are slightly cheaper greenhouses available, be aware some of these are truly awful and have been made to a budget, i long ago stopped installing these flimsy things as they just dont do the job, i would like to see these giving you a 15 yr guarantee!







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