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Glass Greenhouses

29 December 2012  |  Admin

Glass Greenhouses

Their are two types of greenhouses widely available in the UK

Glass Greenhouses
These are the most common and are usually the best choice except in certain circumstances, the weight and rigidity of the glass add to the strength of the building. Available in two forms:-

  •  Horticultural : The cheaper of the two options, which does the job very well, but if broken can leave large dangerous pieces, also is only available in the small pane version so will have overlaps
  • Toughened : Costs more than Horticultural but is becoming much more affordable. Much stronger and safer than Horticultural, as if broken shatters in to hundreds of tiny pieces. Also now supplied in full sheet panes which are more attractive with no overlaps. 
Plastic/Polycarbonate greenhouses
Polycarbonate greenhouses are the ultimate in safety, and also have the added benefit of diffusing sunlight. The downside to Polycarbonate is that there is very little weight to the sheets and needs to be in a very sheltered position out of the wind. We only supply Twin Wall Polycarbonate and stay away from the single skin cheap greenhouses, as we feel they are not man enough for the job!